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Water Committee: 
Members: David Wade, Christopher Kelly, Winnie Baer, Max Mobley, Larry Zimmerman, Henry Burnett and Dawana Cortez
Scope – Water distribution system maintenance and improvement. Water conservation.
Road, Safety and Facilities Committee:
Members: Casey Linstrum, David Wade, Chris Kelly, Larry Zimmerman and Dawana Cortez
Scope – Road/Culvert/Drain maintenance and repair; tree/brush clearance; safety signage and road markings; traffic calming; facilities, lake maintenance and permitting.
Recreation Committee:
Members:  David Wade, Cari Wade, Rhonda Davidson, Christine Clement, Christina Barauskas, Travis Simbulan, Monica Ball and Sharron Lopez
Scope – Lake recreation; Gus Harding Memorial recreation area (by office) activities; Lake Cleanup; Annual Lake picnic; Easter Egg hunt; Halloween Party and movie nights; rummage sales.
Financial Committee:
Members:  Laurie Dennis, Pete Gonda, Louise West and Dawana Cortez
Scope –Revised Budget; List of Charges; Capital Improvement/Reserve accounts; Loan service account; stock transfer fees within families/trusts. 
Rules Committee:
Members: David Wade, Winnie Baer, Max Mobley, and Dawana Cortez
Scope –Legal concerns; FLMWC easements; Current Digest of Rules and Regulations on website/handed out to new stockholders; By Laws
HR (Human Resources) Committee:
Members:  Louise West, Laurie Dennis, Pete Gonda and Dawana Cortez
Scope –Employee pay; employee benefit package; management oversight.
Strategic Planning:
Members:  Pete Gonda, Winnie Baer, Max Mobley, Angela Kelly, Henry Burnett, and Dawana Cortez
Hazardous Trees/Fire Prevention:
Members: David Wade, Dave Dondero, and Casey Linstrum


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