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Members of the Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors participate in training programs designed to assist them during their stewardship of Forest Lakes Mutual Water Company.  Information regarding these programs can be found by clicking the buttons provided below.  Current members of the Board of Directors are also required to attend the course
AB54 Directors Training for Mutual Water Companies.  Valid course completion certificates are shared below.

President: Pete Gonda
Vice President: Dave Wade
Treasurer: Laurie Dennis
Secretary: Louise West
Board Member: Casey Linstrum
Board Member: Winnie Baer
Board Member: Chris Kelly
AB 54 Training - Certificate - Dave Wade.jpg
AB 54 Training - Certificate - Christopher Kelly.jpg
AB 54 Training - Certificate - CASEY LINSTRUM - 2023.jpg

Training Course Titles

AB 54 Training - Certificate - Pete Gonda  AB54 & AB240 - 2017.jpg
AB 54 Training - Certificate - Louise West  AB54 & AB240 - 2021.jpg
AB 54 Training - Certificate - Laurie Dennis  AB54 & AB240 - 2021.jpg
AB54 Training - Certificate - Winnie Baer - 2023_edited.jpg
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